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photoblog image Long-Tailed-tit - Aegithalis caudatus

Look what I can do Mum :-)

So tiny and so cute. Rare to get one alone. Just a couple of seconds later and there was 11 on the same feeder.

pixelpixie from Great Britain (UK) 11 Jan 2008, 00:21
I do miss the bird life now I live on the coast. What I mean is those more associated with fields and woods and rural gardens. Like these fellows. I remember I used to get a flock of these in my garden in November and again in February, just once or twice every year. Quite noisy too.
Paul Brentnall: They are very cute and always travel in small flocks

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 11 Jan 2008, 02:04
Lovely lovely capture
Paul Brentnall: Always cheers me up when they arrive.

Florence from Paris 11 Jan 2008, 05:15
Sweet ! Cute ! Love the DOF.
Paul Brentnall: I try to position the feeders with consideration for the background. Doesn't always work but in this case I got lucky

Mary MacADNski 11 Jan 2008, 09:52
Very sweet. Tits are related to chickadees and this shows the resemblance.
Paul Brentnall: Your right Mary. I have noticed the resemblance. Our Great-tit comes closest and could easily be mistaken for a Chickadee at first glance.

Stan 11 Jan 2008, 11:28
Nice composition and framing. I need to set me up a feeder too smile
Paul Brentnall: I have 11 up at the moment and 2 others yet to be hung smile

mickyboy from uk 11 Jan 2008, 11:49
he looks so cute, a little scruffy but very cute.
Paul Brentnall: Fancy calling my birds scruffy smile
The LTT's never look any different, I guess they don't go for appearance.

Rosalyn Sears 11 Jan 2008, 18:22
What a little cutie! Lovely capture. (:o)
Paul Brentnall: Probably the cutest of them all

tim from leeds, uk 11 Jan 2008, 18:37
Pops i am sure there must be a market out there for your bird shots m8, they are superbsmile
Paul Brentnall: Nice of you to say so Tim. It has been suggested to me before. What worries me about going down that road is losing the fun and enjoyment factor. It would also mean turning a pleasant hobby into a high pressure job of work. I think I'll stick to knocking out the occasional print here and there for friends and aquaintances.

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Ellie from United Kingdom 11 Jan 2008, 22:52
That's absolutely gorgeous Paul. smile

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